9  July 2005 Palestinian Civil Society calls for a non-violent Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against Israel until it complies with international law and universal principles by:

1. Ending its occupation and colonization of all Arab lands and dismantling the Wall.

2. Recognizing the fundamental rights of the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel to full equality.

3. Respecting, protecting and promoting the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties as stipulated in UN resolution 194.

8 September 2007 – Over 300 activists protest outside Wembley Stadium in London where the Israeli national football team were playing England in a Euro 2008 qualifier. http://goo.gl/iAQdg http://goo.gl/IvAxh

23 June 2008 Activists close Carmel Agrexco’s depot in Hayes, Middlesex (west of London) for several hours. http://goo.gl/T1w6z

29 June 2008 – Palestine solidarity activists disrupt the Salute to Israel Parade in London. http://goo.gl/O50oP

10 January 2009 – Activists stage first occupation inside Ahava shop on Monmouth Street, London, resulting in three arrests. Charges later dropped.  http://goo.gl/ygd7X

14 February 2009 – Valentines Day picket outside Ahava shop organised by Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods (J-BIG). Monthly pickets held several times thereafter.

7 March 2009 – Ahava shop picketed by J-BIG and other activists. http://goo.gl/QCkU2 http://goo.gl/PeB61

29 March 2009 – Supermarket Actions: TESCO, Bethnal Green & Whitechapel, East London.  http://goo.gl/eL8I4

17 May 2009 – Supermarket Action: TESCO, West London. http://goo.gl/6dlc6

14 June 2009 – Supermarket Action: TESCO, Old Kent Road, South East London. http://goo.gl/rryPH

21 June 2009 – Supermarket Action: TESCO, Shoreditch, East London. http://goo.gl/oCMV0

18 September 2009 – Second Ahava occupation. Two activists lock-on to an oil drum filled with concrete inside the Ahava shop and are arrested for aggravated trespass. http://goo.gl/3ixGe

19 September 2009 – First Ahava International Day of Action. Campaigners stage protests outside stores in London, Amsterdam, Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles. www.goo.gl/bSO6C

26 September 2009 – West Midlands PSC activists leaflet and picket Sunday Times ‘Style in the City’ fashion and beauty event in Birmingham (Ahava boycott campaign). http://goo.gl/MmHSR

11 October 2009 – Pro-Palestine activists stage pickets for several days at events staged by budget airline EasyJet and city of Tel Aviv to encourage Israeli tourism. http://goo.gl/NMPDR http://goo.gl/MQpG3

12 October 2009 – Supermarket Action: Sainsbury’s, Cromwell Rd, West London. http://goo.gl/zRXLh

6 – 8 November 2009 – Activists stage three-day blockade of Carmel Agrexco depot in Hayes, Middlesex. Five activists arrested. http://goo.gl/7kO8R

12 December 2009 – Third occupation/lock-on inside Ahava shop. Two activists arrested for aggravated trespass. www.goo.gl/rLPUD

19 December 2009 Ahava bathrobe demonstration. http://goo.gl/5uHQP

1 January 2010 – Business & Human Rights Resource Centre (London) disseminates “The Case Against AHAVA” by Nancy Kricorian of CODEPINK. www.goo.gl/aHI3n

16 January 2010 – GAZA 1417 die-in at Trafalgar Square to remember all those who died during Operation Cast Lead. http://goo.gl/IIBvB

27 January 2010 – MP Phyllis Starkey denounces Ahava’s fraudulent labelling practices during debate in Parliament on Israeli “settlement products”. www.goo.gl/QU5UR

Early March 2010 – A grassroots coalition of activists propose holding regular fortnightly demonstrations outside the UK’s only Ahava shop in response to an appeal from the Palestinian village of Bil’in. www.goo.gl/aJEpB

12 March 2010 – First post on this blog originally called Fortnightly Demo for a Free Palestine. http://goo.gl/j2Y8T

13 March 2010 – First regular fortnightly demo outside the Ahava shop attracts about 30 protesters and forces the shop to close early. http://goo.gl/TfvMN. Fortnightly protests continue until 10 September 2011.

29 March 2010 – Activists disrupt Jerusalem Quartet’s performance inside London’s Wigmore Hall. http://goo.gl/dECjW

30 March 2010 – Supermarket Action. The NGO ‘War on Want’ occupies the Barbican Waitrose supermarket in London to protest against the sale of produce from illegal Israeli settlements. http://goo.gl/ddlfK

22 April 2010 – Banner drop at the University of London’s Institute of Education (IoE). Don’t ignore al-Nakba protest against Zionist Federation-sponsored Israel “independence” event. http://goo.gl/OZSto

24 April 2010 – Gil Scott-Heron announces cancellation of his Israel gig at London’s Royal Festival Hall after demonstrations outside the hall before the performance, as well as activists inside, who repeatedly ask him to cancel during his performance. http://goo.gl/1MGdq

29 April 2010 – BDS Activists target H&M opening in Brixton. http://goo.gl/7QX4j http://goo.gl/zYlrA

15 May 2010 – Supermarket Sweep, Nakba Day. Sainsburys supermarket, Holborn, London. http://goo.gl/axFhy

5 June 2010 – Supermarket Action: TESCO Metro, Lower Regent St, Haymarket, during the London flotilla demo (video). http://goo.gl/gFltI

10 June 2010 – Activists deliver boat to Downing Street to protest Israeli impunity. http://goo.gl/cZ94D.  One month later, this is what happened to the boat.

9/10 August 2010 – Trial of four activists, all charged with aggravated trespass, who locked themselves to concrete-filled oil drums inside the Ahava shop in Covent Garden in Sept and Dec 2009.  All four are acquitted after manager refuses to testify. http://goo.gl/Thh16

14 August 2010 – The English Defence League’s “Jewish Division” joins the Zionist Federation Ahava counter-demo for the first time. http://goo.gl/d2I7i

26 August 2010 – Activists allegedly target the Ahava shop with paint.

16 September 2010 Fortnightly Demonstration for a Free Palestine blog renamed Free Palestine Fortnightly Demo.

25 September 2010 – Activists disrupt BT-sponsored Olympic ball. http://goo.gl/7XCjQ

2 October 2010 – Fourth occupation/lock-on inside Ahava forces shop to close. Two activists arrested. http://goo.gl/5buEw

10/11 October 2010 – BDS campaigners demonstrate, leaflet and speak to visitors at the Professional Beauty show in Manchester where Ahava is exhibiting. www.goo.gl/Nh3EA

20/21 November 2010 – Activists allegedly glue Ahava’s door locks, thus delaying the shop’s opening on the day of the Zionist Federation-sponsored BUYcott. The BUYcott doesn’t materialise when the right-wing English Defence League (EDL) “Jewish Division” announce they will also attend. www.goo.gl/DjrCh

20-22 November 2010 – Ahava in the dock at the Russell Tribunal on Palestine London Session. CODEPINK’s Nancy Kricorian and Rae Abileah testify against the company. Ahava is found to be complicit in Israel’s violations of international law. http://goo.gl/kDsid

22 November 2010 – Fifth Ahava occupation/lock-on during the last day of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine. American CODEPINK activists Nancy Kricorian and Rae Abileah present. Ahava shop forced to close and two activists arrested. http://goo.gl/b2ARo www.goo.gl/OI1i0

9-24 December 2010 – Boycott campaigners gather almost daily outside Ahava and influence shoppers in the run up to Christmas. http://goo.gl/QcVda

17 December 2010 – Ahava employee calls a Jewish boycott campaigner a Christ killer. Zionists defend anti-Semitic comment.             http://goo.gl/nd1dO http://goo.gl/gzRiS http://goo.gl/QVTG2

9 January 2011 – BDS Activists kick off the ‘ADIDAS – DON’T RUN WITH APARTHEID’ campaign in the UK by staging a protest outside the Adidas shop near Covent Garden and presenting a petition to the manager asking for Adidas to cancel its sponsorship of the Jerusalem Marathon. http://goo.gl/dbumY

14 January 2011 – Major UK retailer John Lewis confirms that it no longer sells Ahava products. http://goo.gl/8xgd8

12 February 2011 – A Valentine for Ahava http://goo.gl/qllJ4 dedicated to the memory of Jawaher Abu Rahmah who was killed by tear gas while a bystander at an anti-wall demonstration in Bil’in.

19 February 2011 Free Palestine Fortnightly Demo becomes London BDShttp://goo.gl/Rzvuu

26 February 2011 – BIN VEOLIA at the Natural History Museum. http://goo.gl/6SbZo

27 February 2011 – AHAVA IS BAD FOR BUSINESS at Professional Beauty 2011, ExCeL, London. http://goo.gl/bSd5G

25 March 2011 – ADIDAS – DON’T RUN WITH APARTHEID race inside the Adidas flagship store on Oxford Street, London on the day of the Jerusalem Marathon. http://goo.gl/0N97q

30 March 2011 ‘NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!’ Shimon Peres visits London. http://goo.gl/7Y2pk http://goo.gl/4grCJ

30 March 2011 – ACTIVISTS TRASH VEOLIA HQ action. http://goo.gl/jO9Pt

30 March 2011 – TESCO: ‘EVERY LITTLE HELPS APARTHEID’ supermarket action. http://goo.gl/rWfOm

31 March 2011 – VICTORY! News is released that Ahava’s landlord will not renew its lease in September due to the ongoing protests and demonstrations. http://goo.gl/lyq9d

2 May 2011 – BBC: IMPARTIALLY PARTIAL. We first broke the news about how the BBC edited the word “Palestine” from a rap song broadcast on Radio 1Xtra.

7 May 2011 – BDS activists protest outside Marc Almond concert at London’s Royal Festival Hall. A few days later Almond announces cancellation of his performance in Tel Aviv. http://goo.gl/gz8sb

17 May 2011 – VEOLIA AGM: THE FRENCH CONNECTION. UK BDS activists join their French colleagues in an action at the Veolia AGM in Paris. http://goo.gl/JSadS

21 – 24 May 2011 – London BDS reports from Move Over AIPAC in Washington, DC. http://goo.gl/XyT23   http://goo.gl/sLxXo   http://goo.gl/R1ajp   http://goo.gl/5gKj0   http://goo.gl/hX30U

June 2011 – We kick off the BOYCOTT ISRAELI DATES CAMPAIGN with a tour of London Mosques to educate both people of faith and non-believers why they should boycott Israeli dates. http://goo.gl/n3JPp

1 September 2011 – BDS Activists disrupt the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Proms Concert at London’s Royal Albert Hall. Due to the protests, the live broadcast was taken off the air by BBC Radio 3. In a BDS action that made headlines around the world, this is believed to be the first occasion when transmission of a Prom has been disrupted by protesters. http://goo.gl/jtUlW    http://goo.gl/GSthB    http://goo.gl/9SDZ1    http://goo.gl/s03FD  http://goo.gl/ECRFU

2 September 2011The Guardian newspaper reports that “BDS London” was the group that interrupted the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra’s performance at the BBC Proms in the Royal Albert Hall on Sept 1st. In addition to being part of the coalition of groups that planned and staged the action that made international headlines, London BDS was the first to break the news via Twitter.

20 September 2011Ahava ceases trading on Monmouth Street as a direct result of the campaign that began in 2009.

6 October 2011We welcome Zionist war criminal Tzipi Livni to London.

5 November 2011Start of fortnightly ‘public awareness sessions’ outside of London’s Natural History Museum where Veolia is sponsoring the Wildlife Photographer 2011 exhibition.

13 November 2011 – A TENTFUL OF HASBARA. We were the first to report on the selective admission for a Zionist conference after a Jewish human rights activist was refused admission.

1 December 2011BDS activists sing parody Christmas carols and offer guests ‘Israeli Promise’ cocktails (in empty glasses) who are attending a festive event at Lev Leviev’s diamond shop on Old Bond Street.

4 February 2012 – Members of the Ireland PSC join London activists in a pre-Valentine’s Day action to raise awareness about Israeli blood diamonds in Hatton Garden, centre of London’s diamond trade.

25 February 2012 – Activists set up Checkpoint Covent Garden as part of the international Open Shuhada Street campaign.

28/29 May 2012 – Activists disrupt Israeli national theatre Habima’s production of The Merchant of Venice at the Globe, despite heavy security.

7 July 2012 – Pride London revellers out ‘pinkwashing’ and demonstrate that There’s no pride in Israeli apartheid.

8 September 2012First Saturday demonstration against the newly opened SodaStream shop in Brighton.

13 September 2012 – We broke the exclusive news that Petters Pharmacy, a well-known Ahava retailer in North London’s Crouch End, discontinued selling the brand indirectly due to the international boycott.

28 October 2012 – London BDS was the first to tweet the news that Anti-Zionist Hero and pro-Palestinian activist, Jonathan Hoffman, lost his position as Co Vice-Chair of the UK Zionist Federation.

15 November 2012 – Veolia announces they will discontinue sponsorship of Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

19-21 November 2012 – Activists disrupt all three of the Israel-supported Batsheva Dance Company’s performances at London’s Sadler’s Wells theatre.

8 thoughts on “Timeline

  1. great work comrades, justice for palestine will be won when Isreal attains the same pariah status of apartheid south africa. your brave efforts are helping bring that day closer.

  2. the number of actions during 2011 is brilliant, I’d take my hat off to everyone involved, if I wore one. Well done everyone and keep up the pressure against Israeli Apartheid, let’s get an even longer list in 2011!

    • Hi shafin.

      There are so many ways to get involved: Take part in or organise a protest, demonstration or action, send an email to your elected representatives, find out about and boycott goods that come from Israel and its illegal settlements. Contact retailers that sell them and tell them why they shouldn’t.

      Learn more about the Palestinian struggle for independence and BDS, talk to people, write a letter to your local newspaper, attend a lecture or cultural event, link up with other activists. If you live in the UK, then join the Palestine Solidarity Campaign or another solidarity group.

      If there are no groups where you live, then start one.

      Above all, keep up the momentum.

      Remember, “the resistance must be continuous.”

  3. Dear oh dear oh dear!

    The same pathetic ramblings from the Guardian reading,red wine drinking, roll up smoking, citreon 2CV driving ,cat loving,vegetarian eco-warrioe anti-semites!

    First of all, you need to learn your history, especially when it comes to South Africa. BDS is a waste of your time.


  4. There is so much suffering in the world and this is what you waste your time on. You need to take a long hard look in the mirror.

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