Dead Sea Kiosks

Soap & Co in Westfield (Stratford City).

Report/photos by Bruce, with thanks to Anne and Helen.    

If you visit a shopping centre, chances are that you’ll eventually come across a kiosk selling Dead Sea beauty products. These kiosks have attracted a lot of attention, not just for the origin of their natural resources, but also for their shady practices and coercive sales techniques that would make a snake oil salesman blush.  

Stop for just a few seconds to check the label and you’ll be approached by a young Israeli of the opposite sex, dressed in black and pawing at your hands to entice you to purchase an overpriced container of lotion. If you think they’re just being friendly, think again. Most of them work from scripts like this and this.

Kiosks stocking Dead Sea beauty products can be found in many malls run by Israeli companies who employ almost exclusively Israelis.

These kiosks are legitimate targets, as every sale supports companies who in turn support the apparatus of oppression in the racist apartheid state. Dead Sea Premier kiosks were targeted in April and July 2011 at malls in Auckland, New Zealand and in June and November, Seacret kiosks in Brisbane and Perth Australia were also targeted.

Seacret Flyer (Justice for Palestine, Brisbane)

The video below is an example of the sales tactics these companies use. Clearly this Israeli saleswoman won’t take no for an answer:

There’s uncertainty not just about the origin of any natural resources, but also about the immigration status of many kiosk workers. In December 2009, eight Israelis were arrested by the UK Border Agency in a Bristol mall and later deported. Arrests and deportations have also taken place in America, Canada and even New Zealand – where Israelis claimed to police that they weren’t being paid, but were volunteer goodwill ambassadors for the apartheid state!

In 2008, The Wall Street Journal published an insightful article entitled: Shalom, Christmas Shoppers: Israelis Sell Cosmetics, Toys at the Mall.

Unfortunately, since that exposé was published, the ‘cancer’ has spread.


The problem of Israelis working illegally at kiosks throughout America has become so serious that in January 2010, the former US Ambassador to Israel, James Cunningham sent a report to his bosses in Washington, DC entitled Dead Sea Cosmetics and Skincare Industry Fraud.

This diplomatic cable, posted on WikiLeaks, shed light on the activities of Israelis selling Dead Sea beauty products at kiosks throughout America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. It details widespread immigration fraud, worker exploitation, tax evasion, money laundering and the involvement of organised crime on a massive-scale. The original document is in a run-on format, so here’s an easy-to-read version.

The US embassy in Tel Aviv even went so far as to produce a video (below) warning Israelis of the risks of working illegally in America that is also endlessly played in the embassy’s waiting room, but it seems to have little effect, as many feel that stronger deterrents are needed.

The 2010 cable reveals that some Dead Sea cosmetic and skin care products that are labelled “Made in Israel” may actually originate elsewhere such as China, which has both ‘dead seas’ and cheap labour. One company allegedly manufactures soaps in the USA who employ illegal workers from Central America and then label the product as originating from the Dead Sea. Yet another reportedly imports soaps and lotions in bulk into Israel, where they are packaged before being exported and sold in America, taking advantage of Israel’s most favoured trading nation status to qualify for a reduced tariff on imported goods. 

Interestingly, the cable also reveals that most companies hire only those who have completed military service in the Israel Occupation Force – which of course excludes the overwhelming majority of Palestinians.


Two too many kiosks at Westfield: Onsen and Soap & Co

Westfield: Too many kiosks

A company called Gadi has kiosks at the West One Shopping Centre off Oxford Street, at Victoria Place near Victoria Station and at other locations in Central London while Southside Wandsworth centre has seen a Dead Sea Premier kiosk mysteriously come and go in only a few weeks and not surprisingly, at the Brent Cross Shopping Centre in North London, there’s a SeaSpa kiosk.

However, the lion’s share of kiosks can be found inside malls owned by the Westfield Group who manage over a hundred malls throughout America, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

At the Westfield malls at Shepherd’s Bush and Stratford, very close to the London 2012 Olympic Stadium, one can find Onsen and Soap & Co, who both use an Israeli sales force to flog their products.

When we raised the possibility that some of their tenants employ illegal workers, staff at Westfield Stratford didn’t seem too bothered, as the Australian-based group was co-founded by Zionist Frank Lowy,  a close confidant of former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

Westfield co-founder Frank Lowy: Veteran of the Haganah and Golani Brigade.

After arriving in Palestine from Hungry in 1946, Lowy served as a commando in the Haganah, precursor of the Israeli Occupation Force and later the notorious Golani Brigade who were very active during the Nakba, terrorising and murdering Palestinians in large numbers. In 1952, Lowy emigrated to Australia where he made his fortune building shopping centres. Now retired, Lowy reportedly spends much of his time in Israel.


Here’s one person’s experience when stopping at Onsen’s kiosk in Westfield Stratford:

I was approached by a very friendly sales assistant named “Yoni” who told me that their products used technology and minerals that were more advanced than any other product.

Me being very cautious and aware of marketing tactics, I wasn’t at all convinced but he was extremely persistent. He wouldn’t allow me to leave until he’d show me the face peel, so he poured some of it on to my hand. It was a clear gel substance and he rubbed it around my hand and eventually it formed white and grey particles.

He told me that it was dirt and that a clean hand wouldn’t have that dirt and said if it could do that for my hand; imagine what it could do for an oily face.

However, I was aware that all the gel needed was body heat to form those particles and it was false advertising, but I just played along.

He then showed me the hydration cleanser and milk lotion cleanser and told me a bunch of facts behind the “natural” product. He then took me to the computer screen and showed me that on the Onsen website, the face peel product was US$129.95 online, but if I bought the product at the kiosk today, it would only be £60.00 or £120.00 for both products.

I thought this was an extreme rip-off for a product I had never heard of.

“Yoni” then told me: “I wouldn’t do this for everyone but I can see that you’re interested and I’m willing to offer you my personal employee discount for £30.00 a product or £60.00 for two.” (Inside I was laughing at the fact my acting skills worked). But I told him I still wasn’t interested.

At this point, I was approached by one of Yoni’s friends who tried to sell me something else. He applied some cream under my left eye and immediately he tried to convince me that he could see my skin tightening up and my eyes were less puffy and dark.

This was a complete lie because obviously the skin under my eye was still as dark as ever.

A popular consumer website, Complaints Board details a plethora of complaints against Onsen and other companies at Westfield and at other malls throughout America, suggesting that this is only the tip of the iceberg.


Companies such as Soap & Co often recruit using their own sites and Hebrew-language online noticeboards, as well as through informal social networks shortly before they complete their military service. Most Israelis who want to work overseas know its pretty easy to find a job “on the carts.”   

Here’s a Soap & Co recruitment video that promises “real money” in addition to the excitement of working in London:

272 Regents Park Road N3: The registered business address of Soap & Co. The rubbish skips outside are highly appropriate.

We visited Soap & Co’s registered address at 272 Regent’s Park Road N3 3HN in the north London Borough of Barnet ready to pose questions about their hiring of illegal workers and high pressure sales tactics.

As it turned out, the address was not that of Soap & Co, but of the auditing firm of Spencer Hyde Ltd who confirmed that they are Soap & Co’s accountants, but were not willing to divulge any further information concerning their connection with this elusive company.

So there you have it.    

It’s time the Home Office, UK Border Agency and HM Revenue & Customs take appropriate action to terminate this ‘industry’ which has an unsavoury record and proven history of flouting consumer protection, employment, immigration and tax legislation – as well as international law.

Their free ride will soon be over.

Fishing for customers at ‘Gadi’ in the West One Centre, off Oxford Street (Bond Street tube).

Another Gadi kiosk, but this time at Victoria Place, the mall above Victoria Station. Three other black-clad scam artists were out of camera shot.

Here’s the Onsen kiosk in Westfield London (Shepherd’s Bush).

And the Onsen kiosk in Westfield (Stratford City).

The Soap & Co kiosk in Westfield London (Shepherd’s Bush).

SeaSpa kiosk in the Brent Cross Shopping Centre (20 June 2012 update: This kiosk is now run by Gadi).

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75 thoughts on “Dead Sea Kiosks

  1. Hello.
    I am a 40 years old woman, Muslim, who was born in Turkey and for the last 25 years live here in London.
    I am married and have 3 children.
    About the accusations you have made – I don’t know about the other carts, all I know is that I have purchased the Onsen products at Westfield Stratford, and been using them for the last 6 months, and all my friends and family tell me I look younger.
    Since I was so impressed and satisfied with the products I send there all my friends.
    I was also like you very curious about the nationality of the employees at the kiosk, but for your knowledge, the person that assisted me was Spanish. I know that some of their employees are from Israel, but the products work, so you think that what matters to me???? The product is not Israeli, it is from Japan, and it is amazing for my skin, and this is all that matters!
    I hope the people who are reading the article will give the product a chance before using any misled judgement.

      • You guys are sickening to me. Grow a pair and stop knocking off companies and products. your stupid enough to fall for a sales trick thats your fault.
        I have shopped at the onsen store in wesftield londen. Products work great. Everyone skin is different and reacts different to what the product does . do some research before knocking off someone next time. London Born now in the us. You guys are something else.
        check out their site and order from their if you cant handle sales tactics then maybe you should stay home.

      • Anthony, the Internet is full of Onsen reviews like this:, this: and especially this:

        All the evidence proves that Onsen is a scam and a retailer that all prudent and intelligent people should avoid like the plague.

        Wonder what your connection is to Onsen since you’re so keen to defend them.

        By the way, Onsen doesn’t have a store in Westfield London. These ‘cowboys’ flog their overpriced rubbish from kiosks.

        Also, do check out the next comment.

      • It cheers me up to see these pro-Islamic websites, doing what they do best. Twist the truth and talk shit.

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  3. I was fooled into buying some stuff off Onsen in Westfield Stratford, my stomach churns when I think how easily they got my money. I feel like boycotting Westfield.

    • Unhealthy? Dangerous? Ahava claim their products are paraben-free, SLS/SLES-free, and approved for sensitive skin. But their factory is based in an illegal West Bank settlement and they use mud sourced from occupied shores which is forbidden as pillage under the Geneva Convention.

      Occupation is both unhealthy and dangerous.

      You also may want to check out EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database.

  4. My friend has just purchased some Gadi products for me today at House of Fraser! I wasnt to up for it as it was a hard sale by presumably an israli man.
    Do you think i should take it back as im a little worried on the testing and safety of these products after reading this. Also i am suprised at house of fraser for letting this happen!
    Would appreciate some info from some one ;/

    • We would be the last people to suggest returning a friend’s gift, but…

      The consensus is that we would return it for ethical reasons.

      In the first instance, try and find out exactly where the Dead Sea natural resources that are supposedly in these products originate. If Gadi isn’t transparent about the origin of the ingredients in their products (don’t hold your breath), then we would seriously consider returning it for something more ethical that isn’t sold by them.

      Remember, occupation is both harmful and unhealthy for untold thousands of people.

      These con artists make it awfully difficult to return any of their products. If it was purchased in a House of Fraser store, then you should have no problem returning it. If you do experience any difficulties, then demand to speak to a manager. Failing that, keep a record of what was said and by whom and then file a complaint with your local authority’s trading standards office.

      Good luck and let us know how you get on.

      • Hi
        Thanks for your reply..
        I have just had the two purchases refunded to the sum of £240 with no quibble🙂
        I went straight to the store manager who asked no questions and was baffled by the fact I did not go to the Gadi salesman first. As she seemed happy to refund I didnt go into too much detail about my reasons for returning said items but did tell her to do some research on the Gadi companies. The beauty manager of the store seemed rather cross with me for even questioning the products and company, to whom I also told to do some research and then she might agree with me.
        I hope House of Fraser tighten there belts and look into this and stop supporting these rougue traders!
        Thanks again


  5. So I was stopped by these guys today at the meadow hall shopping centre in Sheffield. They tried the trick of rubbing these minerals in to my wrist. This mineral lotion then precipitated (white) and they claimed it was dirt!! Unlucky for them I had been operating all day as a surgeon and have scrubbed by hands > 24 times with chlorhexadine so no way could my hands be as dirty as they claimed!! But danger is I can see many people being duped… Surely trading standards should be informed…

  6. wah! I feel gutted. I bought from Soup and Co. in whiteleys shopping mall. I really wasn’t planning to buy but the Jewish seller was very nice and persistent(he told me he is jew as we get into chatting about cultures). But never crossed my mind that this has anything to do with the illegal occupation.

    • The seller would of told you anything to convince you to purchase the product, but it’s a safe bet he was Israeli.

      There’s a chance you could return it, even though you may have to be persistant. These lotions and potions play havoc with people’s skin if you now what I mean. If they refuse, contact your local trading standards office and raise a fuss.

      Soap & Co don’t disclose where their product’s ingredients originate from or where they are manufactured. They could come from an illegal settlement in the West Bank, but then again, they could also come from somewhere in the Far East.

      Good luck.

  7. I fell victim to these people after several nights of being up at night for my sick children. Everything you say about the scripts is true, and they are very persistent and coercive to the point of being quite intimidating. I was deeply troubled by having been sold £700 for £250 – I just felt that if they could give such a huge discount it was basically peanuts to make and relied on the trickery of magnets etc. I looked them up when I got home and found this posting, and many others beside. I managed to take most of it back the next day and the manager did this weird thing of pretending to make a phone call before agreeing to my refund. The whole thing was very uncomfortable and slightly sinister. I cant believe they are able to sell legally in this manner.

    Also forgot to mention, I had already spent £160. They like to sell you one lot of stuff, get the money in the bag and then go on to the next. I tried to get the whole lot back but they talked me into keeping the first purchase and maybe I got off lightly as they could have made me keep all of it. They graduate to more and more expensive items, making sure you pay as you go. I felt sick when I read this posting and the products aren’t that special.

    • We’re very sorry to hear what happened, but were glad that you were able to obtain a refund. Sorry to say that your experience is not all too uncommon.

      These companies not only use unethical and high pressure sales tactics, but they also lack transparency and always, ALWAYS refuse to say exactly where the natural resources that they claim are in their products originate.

      You can turn your negative experience into a positive one by publicising this as much as possible to people and institutions of influence.

      If enough people raise a fuss, someone’s got to act.

      Good luck and thanks for sharing.

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  9. I was approached by one of these skanks, I told him alot of the things you mentioned in your article and I think he was really shocked that I knew so much. I walked away feeling very satisfied. To add insult to injury though, a friend of mine told me that when she was approached by one seller, he actually mocked the very people they steal alot of the ingredients to make this rubbish!! The nerve.

    • Thanks Aura for sharing. The more people who are aware of these con artists, the less successful they’ll be and the greater the chances of driving them out of business permanently.

      We’ve heard your friend’s experience before, as the young Israelis staffing these kiosks are fresh out of the IOF and not surprisingly, many express little or no sympathy for the people whose land was stolen and natural ingredients plundered.

      Thanks again and well done!

      • I felt under undue pressure by Onsen sales person and believe that my experience accounts to a classic example of misseling and false advertising. The company has a fake website with false prices on it just to be able to show customers on site what a great deal they are entering to if they purchase products from them at Westfield. The technique is always the same ‘I like you’ hence I want to offer you a great deal, constant repeating of ‘I tell you what’ (called anchoring in NLP), sales person pretending to call manager to confirm the great deal he is offering, shaming you into believing that you are being pathetic by constantly repeating how much money other people spent there (stangely enough they always mention the 2,000 pound purchase by someone just before you) and of course the big hug at the end. Also, you cannot write reviews about the products on the company’s website without it being censored by the company. Hence, only 6 positive reviews about the product which apparently have been on the market for 4 years. But my favourite is that when you want a refund they tell you to contact the company’s ‘head office’ on a US number as the refunds would be processed from there! On first sight the phone number is a US number but it is actually registered in the British Virgin Islands. They don’t take calls but only have an answering machine and if you leave your name and details: you guessed it…. they will never call you back. PEOPLE SHOULD REPORT ONSEN TO WESTFIELD COMPLAINTS TEAM, OFFICE OF FAIR TRADING and WHICH?.

  10. be warned your site also has a link to the consumer complaints board which has a sponsored (?) link on to” free” beauty trials, which sound too good to be true. They are also dead sea products made by Israelis and a total rip off

  11. I felt under undue pressure by Onsen sales person and believe that my experience accounts to a classic example of misseling and false advertising. The company has a fake website with false prices on it just to be able to show customers on site what a great deal they are entering to if they purchase products from them at Westfield. The technique is always the same ‘I like you’ hence I want to offer you a great deal, constant repeating of ‘I tell you what’ (called anchoring in NLP), sales person pretending to call manager to confirm the great deal he is offering, shaming you into believing that you are being pathetic by constantly repeating how much money other people spent there (stangely enough they always mention the 2,000 pound purchase by someone just before you) and of course the big hug at the end. Also, you cannot write reviews about the products on the company’s website without it being censored by the company. Hence, only 6 positive reviews about the product which apparently have been on the market for 4 years. But my favourite is that when you want a refund they tell you to contact the company’s ‘head office’ on a US number as the refunds would be processed from there! On first sight the phone number is a US number but it is actually registered in the British Virgin Islands. They don’t take calls but only have an answering machine and if you leave your name and details: you guessed it…. they will never call you back. PEOPLE SHOULD REPORT ONSEN TO WESTFIELD COMPLAINTS TEAM, OFFICE OF FAIR TRADING and WHICH?.

  12. Do you think we could organise a ‘flash mob’ here so that we all show up in front of Onsen holding SCAM banners? If Westfield does nothing than mobilisation is the only solution!

  13. I bought a set from Soap & Co at Westfield. I guess they used the same script described above. Lots of touching and body contact as well as keeping my other shopping bags while letting me test their product. It felt quite weird and out of my comfort zone…

    However, I was very interested in the product.

    At some point, I tried to negotiate with them to reduce the price to an amount I felt OK with – and they agreed with my offer (from £60 to £20)! Maybe I should have realized what that meant!

    While I appreciate that you have elaborated a lot on this, I would like to ask whether you have any information from more objective (read: non-political) sources on the actual product?

    I understand the information on this website presumes a set of positions on the Israel-Palestine conflict, but how does that mean anything about the quality and effectiveness of the product itself?

    I am still researching and if I do find such objective sources, I will also try to ask for a refund.

    I am just very reluctant now because I bought this as a last-minute emergency gift…

  14. They are now operating on Neal’s Yard and have the same aggressive sales approach. I was approached yesterday by a small sales girl with a free sample of a small bar of soap. I did make a purchase but only spent £45 and apprarently got ‘the most expensive’ free plus the special discounts. It was a very uncomfortable experience. Also there is another shop – Oro Gold that tried to use the same techniques and had a very pushy approach, I had to be rude just to get away!! It seems that these people are every where and I will be much more informed in future.

  15. I thought i have a capital ‘L’ for loser on my forehead because I got tricked and FORCED to buy their products even though I really did’nt want to. I felt as if they were hyenas eating away at my corpse. even after I explained that I really cannot afford it and it would mean I will not be able to pay my rent if I bought all products she was trying to sell. I even explained that I didn’t care if I had a few wrinkles or not, but no way was she letting me go, she even joked with her co workers about my not being able to pay the rent. No wonder they are so heartless. it’s not just their job or the commission they are after, no it’s pure hatred towards us and I don’t even think of us as humans. I think we should be handing out leaflets about the reality of these people.

  16. Oh my god. I’m shocked. I read this article with all of the comments and i just want to say thank you. I don’t want to buy anything ( even worst ) i “GOT” a job from these guys, ok i’m not Israeli, i am from Bulgaria and they say that they will help me to fulfill the form and to register as a self-employer ( completely legal job ). and all of this negative comments and post just put me into depression. However this offer was for different city and from different company but for dead sea products. Here are the company web ; please tell me if this is the same scum. Thank you all for sharing you’re experience and opinion.

  17. Simply want to say your article is as surprising.
    The clarity in your post is simply nice and i could assume
    you’re an expert on this subject. Fine with your permission allow me to grab your RSS feed to keep up to date with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please keep up the enjoyable work.

  18. I have also been duped. I was completely exhausted with a young baby and the salesman took complete advantage – even to the point of adding £10 on to the sale at the cashpoint. I feel so uncomfortable about it. I will make quite a long journey back to Brent Cross tomorrow in the hope of a refund. I will definitely be complaining to Brent Cross Management. I certainly don’t expect to encounter that kind of harassment in a supposedly reputable shopping centre.
    On another note; I think in making complaints about them it is better to avoid race and politics because it complicates a straight forward issue of dishonest trading. Fingers crossed for a refund tomorrow or It will become my mission to get them removed from the centre.

  19. I bought the products from Soap & Co at New Bond Street Shop. I wasn’t aware this is the same as the stall at shopping mall. I assume they are reputable shop like the others at Bond Street.

    I was sold £100 goods and I checked the label at home found out it is manufacture in Israel. I feel so upset that how could I pay this for helping Israel army killing Palestinian.

    I went for refund next day and but was told the manager is not in today, come back tomorrow, then the sales start angry at me and told me the manager is on holiday, come back 2-3 days later.

    I told them there is no shop in this country could not do return and needs make appointments. And it is against trading standard. I will call trading standard or police until the issue is done or I will stay until the manager come back.

    Suddenly the manger is there and ask me why I want refund. I told him that you don’t need to ask as it is my right. Eventually he refund me full money.

    I told him he should trading like everyone not this way and the sales needs proper training.

    Sadly I forgot to tell him the real reason I refund.

  20. Thank you, I’ve just been searching for info approximately this subject for a while and yours is the best I’ve came upon
    till now. But, what concerning the bottom line? Are you positive
    in regards to the supply?

  21. Saw a soap and co salesman in Stratford City Westfield literally chase after a woman of mature years to try to flog her some of this rubbish today. She looked pretty intimidated by him and was running to get away! I complained to Westfield. I will intervene the next time I see any more of this intimidation, picking on a defenceless old lady like that, tut tut

  22. About 10 days ago I made the unfortunate mistake of buying some products from Soap & Co from Westfield Stratford.

    I fell for the charming assistant’s sales pitch and was convinced to part with my money when she offered to let me use her ‘staff discount.’

    Since reading about this company’s ethics both in terms of operations and underhand sales tactics, I’m determined to return the items.

    I’m been back to Westfield twice but on both occasions I was told that the manager wasn’t there and that she’s the only person who can provide a refund. I’ve been told to come on Wednesdays as she’ll definitely be around but it’s very hard for me to get to Westfield when I work full-time.

    I’m frustrated at myself for being duped by Soap & Co, but also at them for making it as hard as possible for me to get my money back. Is there a case here of any sort that I could take to Trading Standards if I’m not able to get my refund soon?

    Many thanks

  23. Hi,

    So recently I went to the Soap & Co Westfield Stratford counter and got duped by one of the salespeople there, Carmen, into buying a series of products. She used all of the tricks already outlined, including making me pay for stuff as I went along and offering me her ‘staff discount.’

    Having found out more about this company and their shady practices, I am determined to return the items I bought. This is where I’m having problems. I’ve been back to the counter twice and have been told that only the manager can carry out refunds, and that the only time when she is definitely in is on a Wednesday.

    It’s hard for me to get to Westfield Stratford on the day because I work full-time and I find it ridiculous that only one person is trained to process refunds!! I was informed of the other days this single manager works, but that it’s not fixed what hours she spends on these days at the Westfield Stratford branch as she manages stalls in multiple locations. Part of me think this is all a lie.

    I’m worried that because of this, I won’t be able to process my refund on time. Is there a case here to take to Trading Standards do you think?



  24. Feel bittered after reading all this comments cos I just bought the product valued at 180 pounds Last week at Stratford Westfield and the attendant never gave me my purchase receipt cos she kept talking to keep me occupied and made me forget collecting the receipt. After reading all this comments I want to return the product but don’t know what to do.

  25. Thanks for this, my wife is Israeli and looking for some part-time work. So this is the exact info we needed.

  26. Ooooh my! I just spent £25 on their products. Feel sooooo stupid. Think I fell for it because it was some fairly beautiful lady that pulled me into it. Shitt!

    I was a lil suspicious about it too. She tried selling me the nail magic stuff. That didn’t work. Then she had a look at my skin and me trying to sort my skin out, fell for it. She also told me she was a dermatologist. My goodness, knew she could be lying but went for it anyway.

    I would go back and return the goods, but its quite far away. It’s all the way in Stratford. Crap….Soap and Co. yh.

    One day, I would intentionally stop there and talk to them lol!

    Survival of the fittest on this earth naan!

  27. OMG ! I just bought a facial peel today at a Westfield Gallaria ! The girl pulled me in and told me that it gos for 178$ & she would give it to me for 80$ my boyfriend and I were just tryin to leave so then she lowered it to 40$ saying I like you so I want to help you & to promise not to tell her manager that she was givin me this awesome deal. So we just bought it for 40$ .. We were about to leave then she tries selling us this lotion … I wish we never bought it I see them on Amazon for 15$ for the peel AND THE LOTION

  28. Has anyone been able to claim a refund from an Onsen stall in Westfield with a receipt which states ‘no refunds’ ?

  29. They are all over the malls in South Africa, first noticed them about three years ago but are much more now, the girls charm the guys, and visa versa. The sales pitch at the top of the page is literally word for word what I experience, even the accents and tones. I had to be very rude to break away. My dermatologist does not endorse these products.

  30. I was ripped off by a Seacret kiosk here in Westfield Mall, Escondido, California, USA! I’m 66 years old and have never been smoozed by anyone until now. I told the sales people that I have rosecea on my cheeks, and they claimed that their Dead Sea Products would not effect my condition; but would actually help it, making my skin softer and decreasing my wrinkles too! They both had very convincing sales pitches! After an exhausting presentation and a small sample of their facial scrub, I caved, along with my $300. When I got home with the products, I realized that the packaging was made to make the bottles appear larger than they actually were!
    Unfortunately, I threw away my receipt; but was told by the Seacret company that they couldn’t give me a refund or even an exchange because I had already opened the products. After a couple of weeks, I noticed my rosecea began to explode around my eyes, and even into my eyes, also on my cheeks and chin. I called my dermatologist and told him what happened, so he told me to quit using the product, DUH!
    I’ve turned this company and their kiosk into the Better Business Bureau; but it didn’t sound like they would do much about it. Apparently, the kiosks are a franchise, and Seacret claims no responsibility for their actions!
    Just wanted you to know, these thieves are here in the good ol’ USA too!!!!

    • Can any shed any light on the relationship between these scams and the stores selling Oro Gold and now Tresor Rare in London?

      A brief look at this would indicate that they follow a similar model. High pressure sales techniques and Israeli staff

      • i bought product for eyes from tresor rare in mount st london next to bond st station and i had a big reaction to the product they test on my eyes, i then didn’t open their product, it’s 2 weeks now that i try to be reembourse.
        they said they are natural but there are not and they contain silicone in big majority of their product.
        I don’t know what to do to be reembourse unless i go back there and shout in front of customers?????

      • Dear Camelia, if you have the receipt, they pretty much have to reimburse you (at least it’s that way here in the USA). Don’t they have a consumer’s complaint agency like we have here (The Better Business Bureau)? They didn’t help me at all because the warehouse for the Seacret products was in another state. I didn’t save my receipt, so the Seacret kiosk people would not give me a refund either!!! Like I said, there are a bunch of these scammers out there, WATCH OUT, BUYER BEWARE!!!!

      • Dear Olivia, it sounds like it’s a good possibility that the people that are selling the 2 items you mentioned (I’m not familiar with either product) belong to the same group of scammers! Apparently, they recruit young people from the Middle East and promise them the world if they sell these products under false pretenses!
        Fortunately, I have not seen the scammers that sold me the Seacret products in the local mall for quite awhile. I hope that the management/owners made them move. I’m sure there were other victims that complained about being scammed too besides myself.

        I do hope that you haven’t spent a lot of money on these products. The only people that make any money from these high pressure sales are the owners of the products not the young people trying to sell them to you. God bless you, Carol

  31. hi, i wrote to BDS in October 2014 about two other shops near Bond Street and got no reply so ill mention them here. Maybe you can tell me what you think:
    Hi, i wanted to tell you about these shops that i experienced and i cant believe they are still operating.
    I had an argument with two of them today.
    Two Israeli shops on the same road selling dead sea products.
    One is called Tresor Rare and the other is called Sakare.
    They are outisde giving out samples and being quite pushy. I went up to 4 ladies and said to them dont buy from there, their products are from Israel and the ingredients are stolen from occupied lands.
    He got angry with me and just like any brainwashed Zionist accused me of being racist and anti Semitic which i found hilarious.
    The other shop claims that their product is from Holland which is a lie as the guy outside is from Israel and ingredients are all from the dead sea.

    I was on holiday in Namibia & they are in the malls there too! Very sad, a country that suffered apartheid too.

    How can we spread the word? I want to see these shops shut down, they are also targeting rich Gulf Arabs and not telling them that its from Israel.

    Can we organise people to hand out leaflets, i would be happy to do that but we need others.

    • Hi Mr T. It was highly inspiring to read about your courageous action and thanks so much for sharing. We’re hopeful that most conscientious people will sooner or later realise the fallacy behind the sale of goods originating in occupied Palestine.

      Though organising an action and distributing flyers with like minded people is a great idea, there are plenty of other ways to spread the word about what’s going on in the region, such as using social media, writing to your elected representatives, contacting the local and national broadcast/print media, talking to people and of course contributing to blogs such as this. Whatever you do, just keep it continuous, as one-off actions are rarely effective. Well done again and solidarity forever!

  32. Can anybody connect Tresor Rare and Orogold based in South Molton Street London who use the exact same techniques to sell 30ml face creams for £1000 ? Renting space which is £550 per square feet it’s easy to see how they can afford this if they are part of this bigger group and I truly hope someone in UK press or borders gets to the bottom of this soon.

    • My friends’ mother-in-law got bilked out of $7,000 from Forever Flawless at the Westfield Mall in Escondido, Calif. She has dementia, and a so-called friend took her out shopping and wasn’t keeping an eye out for her. Her son found out and immediately went back to the store; but was told by the owner only the $6,000 that was charged on her ONLY credit card would be refunded; but the $1,000 cash would not be returned!!!!

      A few years back, the same thing happened to me; but it was at a Seacret Dead Sea kiosk that scammed me. High pressure, non stop BS; but I was blown away by the attention and flattery from the young Palestian boy! I wound up purchasing $300 (thank God not $7,000); but when I got home only part of my purchase was in my bag. I went back to ask them what happened, and they told me all that I had purchased was in the bag they gave me! I wanted a refund; but of course, he refused, so I asked for a manager, and he told me HE was the manager! I even went to the mall’s office to report all this; but they never followed thru with my complaint.

      Unfortunately, these high-pressured young illegals are somehow brought to this country on some kind of visa, and taught by ‘professional’ scammers how to bilk us out of our money and savings! I urge everyone to consider checking out the English version of the Better Business Bureau, website:, and you can even see thru videos the tactics these young thieves use to coerce you to buy, buy, buy their inferior products. I actually wound up getting a swelling under my eyes from the product they used on me. Apparently, I was allergic to whatever was in it. I turned them in to our BBB; but nothing ever came of it!!!


  33. I’m from Toronto and we have these here too – the ones I’ve seen are Oro Gold and another called Vine Vera. I made the mistake of accepting a free sample and was dragged inside to have the skin peeling thing demonstrated on me. The guy then began fawning over me, saying I was special enough for his employee discount. Actually, I think he said he was the store owner?? Not sure, I was trying to escape.

    In the accounts I’ve read, their sales technique seems to be as follows: Use opposite sex salespeople, and love-bomb young women (“I like your style, have a discount”), while insulting older ones and attempting to prey on insecurities (“you need this really badly, please, I’ll even lower the price for you”). Gross.

    • Dear Zady, my friend’s mother-in-law spent $7,000 on products from Tresor Rare here at our local Westfield Mall in Escondido, CA. Be glad that you got away without a big loss of finances. They really pray on the old, telling you that their products will take 20 years off your face, etc.!!! Bunch of c—! I still don’t know how and why they are able to stay in business, when it’s totally FRAUD!! I turned them in to our Better Business Bureau; but nothing ever came of it. Must be nice to have a job, get paid, and do absolutely nothing!

      Just wanted to let you know that they are all over the world, especially in Europe, Canada and the USA! They must know that’s where all the ‘suckers’ are because we won’t do anything to them! If they tried these scams in their own countries, they would probably be beheaded!!!!

  34. Stay away from this company and their horrible pushy sales people!!! I was shopping in Westfield white city when I passed the ‘Olsen stand’. A sales woman comes running up to me asking if I’d like a sample of this amazing product. As I politely accept hoping it would get her off my back she then says can she show me something at the counter? Once there she starts using a scrub on my hands and washing them. all the while she’s asking me what skincare products I use and when I mention I use NIVEA on my hands she lets out a high pierced laugh and assuming a very posh accent exclaims ‘oh my gawwwwd! you cant be serious!!!’ She then proceeds to tell me their products are in the Selfriges stores and you cant compare ‘high end’ products to ‘high street’ ones….sniff…sniff! Later I found out this was a lie and Selfriges do not stock ONSEN products! I felt like she was trying to compare her unheard of products to my PRADA bag! She then lines up their products and asks me which ones I’d like to buy, telling me the creams were retailing at only £99! Seeing where this is heading I tell her I’m not looking to buy any of their products today as I have lots of skin creams at home. She then starts to get personal, she looks hard at me and says you must be over 30 now right? You have to start taking better care of your skin as you get older. She then comments on some hyperpigmentation I have on my upper lip and says what you are using obviously doesn’t seem to be working does it? I looked at her over made up face, her chipped finger nails and her yellow teeth and thought…. The gall of the woman! Have you looked at yourself lately?! If she thinks the perfect sales pitch consists of insulting potential customers she needs to enrol in another marketing class! I was not going to be intimidated and insulted into buying anything from her so I told her firmly I wasn’t interested and proceeded to walk away.

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