UPDATED: 4 August 2011

Report by BDS Activist

How times are changing! Now even the Jewish press are condemning the Zionists who counter-demonstrate outside Ahava.

Case in point is the 28 July edition of The Jewish News, a free newspaper that enjoys a large circulation throughout North London. The above op-ed piece, entitled ‘Norway’s nightmare and the EDL’ is about Anders Behring Breivik who killed scores of people in Norway recently in two separate attacks.

The last paragraph reads:

“Breivik had claimed links with the far-right English Defence League. These are (the) same people who march proudly with Israeli flags and who joined the anti-boycott picket outside the Ahava shop in Covent Garden. Those who stood with the EDL or who didn’t tell them to leave should now bow their heads in shame.”

The ultra-right English Defence League (EDL) is funded by London multi-millionaire Alan Lake who denies being linked by The Telegraph newspaper to Breivik. Another EDL link is Paul Ray, a self-described “founding father” of the EDL who now lives in Malta and is the leader of a similar Islamophobic organisation whose blog allegedly provided Breivik with inspiration that lead to his own insane actions. Searchlight Magazine also recently published links between Breivik and the EDL.

As we reported throughout the autumn of 2010, the EDL’s so-called ‘Jewish Division,’ consisting of Kahanist Roberta Moore and a few other assorted lowlife misfits, joined members of the Zionist Federation (ZF) in staging counter-demonstrations outside Ahava.

Among members of the ZF who happily stood in unison alongside the EDL supporting Ahava were ZF Co Vice-Chair Jonathan Hoffman, as well as Ian Sternberg, a ZF National Council Member, in addition to other Zionist ignoramuses and simpletons.

Martin Sugarman, Chair of the Hackney Anglo-Israel Twinning Association.

Willowy and bearded Martin Sugarman, an Exams Officer at Westminster Kingsway College, is one of the ‘Zionist thugs’ who made the Nazi salute and shouted “Sieg Heil!” at 85 year-old Holocaust survivor Dr Hajo Meyer in Parliament in January 2010 and is present at most of the counter-demonstrations.

Ahava supporter Moore with right-wing "Surfing Rabbi", Nachum Shifren and former BNP member and now EDL supremo, Stephen Lennon (aka "Tommy Robinson"). You can see Lennon's recent BBC Newsnight interview 'deconstructed' on the video at the bottom of this post.

Roberta Moore.

Here are a few images that were taken during the few weeks throughout the autumn of 2010 when the EDL joined the Zionist Federation outside Ahava.

As they say, birds of feather…

Match made in Hell: Kahanist Roberta Moore of the Islamophobic EDL together with Jonathan Hoffman, Co Vice-Chair of the Zionist Federation.

Unnamed Zionist Federation counter-protester (far left) along with Moore, her balaclava wearing friend and other EDL Jewish Division supporters.

Ian Sternberg (right), who's on the Zionist Federation's National Council, campaigning and leafleting alongside Kahanist Moore (back to camera, wearing blue jeans, in front of flag).

Sternberg again (centre), a leader in the Zionist Federation, conferring with Moore (right), then head of the EDL's Jewish Division.

Sternberg (right) - yet again - alongside EDL members supporting Ahava. The sign is being held by an EDL Jewish Division member, the man holding the flagpole and wearing the blue and yellow baseball cap, as well as the man in green standing in front are all EDL members or sympathisers.

A screenshot from an EDL Facebook page publicising a Zionist Federation supported Ahava "buycott" (which failed).

Moore, then head of the Islamophobic EDL's Jewish Division, endorsing a favourite brand.


In November 2010, the EDL stopped counter-demonstrating at Ahava after a continuously low turnout by their Jewish Division.  

In March 2011, it was announced that Ahava’s landlord refused to renew its lease when it comes up for renewal in late September 2011 thanks to the fortnightly pickets, legal challenges, occupations and other direct actions. Human rights activists have vowed to continue their fortnightly protests until the shop is empty.

In June 2011, Jewish Division leader Roberta Moore either resigned or was most likely expelled after trying to forge an alliance with the Jewish Task Force, an American far-right group led by convicted terrorist Victor Vancier and considered too extreme even by the EDL. Moore now confines her activism to walking her dog and spewing her hateful ignorance on blogs.

The Zionist Federation-organised Ahava counter-demonstrations are dismal failures, often drawing fewer than five people.    

Meanwhile, the BDS Movement has gone from strength to strength, showing that a non-violent way exists to persuade Israel to comply with International Law and Universal Principals of Human Rights.

A recent interview on BBC’s Newsnight programme with the EDL leader Stephen Lennon (aka: “Tommy Robinson”). All of Lennon’s arguments are cleverly ‘deconstructed’ and proven to be false.

The Islamophobic English Defence League’s ‘Jewish Division’ was the group that members of the Zionist Federation stood together with at the Ahava counter-demonstration.

As most aptly stated in The Jewish News:

“Those who stood with the EDL or who didn’t tell them to leave should now bow their heads in shame.”

Bow their heads in shame is right.

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  1. Jon and Ian should resign immediately. They are both a disgrace and embarrassment to Jews and are giving the rest of us and the Zionist Federation a bad name.

    We don’t agree with you, but we have enough problems as it is without these two clowns. Most of us aren’t like them and wouldn’t be seen with the EDL or any fascist group.

    Both of them should resign now and let the rest of us try to salvage some dignity.

    • We hope not Anon. They are both priceless and by their actions, make our work much easier! Both of them show Zionism up for what it really is and are more valuable to us where they are. One of the reasons why BDS is so successful is because of people like them. Our biggest concern is that you will replace them with people who are more competent – though where you’ll find them, heaven knows!

      If Jonathan Hoffman or Ian Sternberg are kicked out of the Zionist Federation, we’ll start a campaign to re-instate them. As you probably remember, there was a “Save the Hoffie” campaign a few years ago when you (the ZF) were closing ranks against Jonathan Hoffman and it proved successful – much to our gain!

      We just hope the rumours of Jonathan Hoffman “resigning in disgrace” from the ZF are not true.

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