DEMO REPORT – 23 October

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Video courtesy of SA.

By Bruce, Americans AGAINST Apartheid UK.

There was much activity taking place in London today with the large Trade Union anti-cuts march & rally, as well as the popular Anarchist Book Fair being held.  

However on Monmouth Street, Palestine solidarity activists and campaigners came to take part in a public education campaign, demonstrate and express their outrage over the activities of an illegal company that is manufacturing and selling stolen goods from stolen land; products of the world’s last Apartheid state.

About thirty Ahava boycott campaigners and fewer than ten Zionists were present throughout the two-hour demo. Despite the differences in numbers, many boycott activists were on the receiving end of the Zionist Federation’s Co-Vice Chair Jonathan Hoffman’s tongue. The Hoff’s verbal abuse of Ahava boycott campaigners was so vile, that police once again were forced to have words with him about his behaviour.

Five members of the Jewish Division of the EDL turned up, including Kahanist Roberta Moore. The EDL flew a variety of flags including the GLBT rainbow flag (an insult to the GLBT community), the EDL Jewish Division flag (an insult to the Jewish community), the EDL Flag (an insult to the English people) and a bizarre large St George’s Cross flag with the Union Jack, as well as images of the flags of Israel and Portugal (an insult to the Portuguese) in each of its quadrants. When the first EDL counter-protester turned up and the photographers started taking photos, Mr Hoffman took refuge in the pen reserved for the Ahava boycott campaigners which was surrounded by Palestinian flags.

Zionist “leader” Hoffman and diminutive propagandist Millett adopted very aggressive tactics; approaching and interrupting Ahava boycott campaigners who were talking to members of the public and thrusting Zionist flyers into their hands. This approach often backfired, as the public’s reaction to the Zionist’s intrusion was negative and hostile. This demonstrator was talking to an American woman when Mr Hoffman came running up and shouted “Don’t believe him, he’s lying, read this!” and attempted to thrust a leaflet into her hand. The woman angrily told Mr Hoffman to “get lost”.  A sentiment shared by many on the day.  

A placard decorated with swastikas was displayed within the Zionist/EDL pen that read: “Codepink stinks, self-hating Joos+ Gays”. Many of the Zionists didn’t appear to have any objection to this placard. In a rare display of responsibility, the police instructed that the placard be removed from public view. Another placard that read “Hamas Hate Homos”  attracted police attention as well and also soon disappeared from view.

After the demo, many campaigners went on to South Kensington to help stage the “Alternative Veolia Exhibition” outside the Natural History Museum. click here for video


Setting up. At least six cops present.

Zionist Federation Co-Vice Chair Jonathan Hoffman. His hobbies include heckling Holocaust survivors who criticise Israel and obscene language.

Zionist Federation Co-Vice Chair Jonathan Hoffman helping to display the Palestinian flag. Cheers Jonathan!

Swastika-decorated placard in the Zionist Federation/EDL pen. Zionist Federation member Ian Sternberg is on the right.

The Bill having a word with Jonathan Hoffman and Zionist propagandist Richard Millett about their behaviour (again).

DRESSING DOWN: Israeli Occupation Army T-shirt.

FLAGGED UP: Martin Sugarman, Chair of the Hackney Anglo-Israel Friendship Association.

 Please note: None of these images have been digitally altered.


NEXT DEMO: Saturday, 6 November, *11:00 am – 1:00pm* (NOTE EARLIER TIME).

 Spa attire recommended, but not required – Bathrobes, Towels, etc…


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